Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Google voice and video v2.1.7

Today, we released the 2.1.7 (and 2.1.8 for Windows) update for the Google voice and video chat software. All current installations will automatically update within the next few days. If you do not want to wait, you can visit http://www.google.com/chat/video and re-run the installer.

You can use your Gmail account to find out what version is currently installed. Simply go to the Gmail Settings page and look under the "Chat" tab. You will see the plugin version under the "Learn more" link, in small type.

Here's what's new in the latest version:
  • Several installer improvements; installation no longer requires a browser restart
  • Improved smoothness of video rendering
  • Added support to monitor and reduce CPU utilization when system is under extremely high load
  • Fixed issue where playout volume was too low on various machines
  • Fixed issue with incorrect audio ducking behavior on Vista/Win7
  • Fixed issue with delayed audio if connectivity was briefly interrupted
  • Fixed issue with delayed video on Mac when under high CPU load
  • Fixed issue where encryption/decryption could fail on sequence number rollover
  • Fixed random flash effect when entering fullscreen in some browsers
  • Fixed many crashes
If you're on 2.1.7 and still having a problem, please take a look at the Google Chat Help Center, or report the issue on the Google Voice and Video Help Forum. You can also email me using the "Email Justin" link above.


Display Name said...

Thank you for the release.

Ben Atlas said...

Hi, thank you for the upgrade. I had a very low incoming volume on XP and GV. Couldn't even pick up an incoming call because the volume was so low. The new plugin improved things dramatically but the incoming volume is still lower or plain low even compared to the other VIP applications.

juberti said...

As part of the research we did on this issue, we did also notice low volume on some phone calls. We expect to address that in an upcoming release.

Ben Atlas said...

Thanks, looking forward to that release. Hope the fix comes soon.

Bobby@hmsolutionsinc.com said...

Having same low volume issue on my asus transformer tablet...please help!

The Daily Dooj said...

Never had the volume issue until this update. Now my volume on chrome/osx 10.6 is so low I need to turn my computer volume all the way up and put my ear to the speakers.

Funny that an issue that was supposed to be fixed-- and that I have never experienced until now-- has been created by this update.

Please help.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to add volume control Knob so you can increase volume level? it seems like the current volume is very low although on the Windows control panel everything is at max levels.
The application is awesome and improving quality over time but the volume level is a dragging issue

greggman said...

Low volume is still a problem.

I'm on OSX 10.7

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's not fixed yet. Way to go google.

Nico said...

Hey guys I've been dealing with this issue since I installed google voice plug-in but always resolved the issue by plugging in my headset.

However one does not always have or want to use a headset.

I have installed the newest version of the plug-in from http://www.google.com/chat/video just now and extremely low volume is still an issue for me.

MBP Mac OS X v10.6.8