Friday, January 18, 2008

AIM XMPP gateway is now live!

It wasn't as soon as I had hoped, but the AIM XMPP gateway I wrote about just over a year ago is now up and running at Anyone with an AIM or ICQ account can now access the AIM/ICQ network using their favorite XMPP client. For instructions on how to configure your client, click here. Some more information can also be found on Digg.

Right now you can only connect to the AIM/ICQ network using this gateway, there is no XMPP Federation. This means that you cannot talk to users on any other IM network at this time, including Google Talk. Hopefully AOL will add support for XMPP Federation in the near future.

Still, this is a welcome development. While at AOL, I worked on the initial design for this project, and it's good to see it live. Note that the gateway is still not officially launched, so it may be unavailable from time to time.