Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Google voice and video v1.1.2

Yesterday, we released the 1.1.2 update for the Google voice and video chat software. This update fixes the issues some users were seeing with 1.1.1. All current installations will automatically update within the next day or two. If you do not want to wait, you can visit and re-run the installer.

You can use your Gmail account to find out what version is currently installed. Simply go to the Gmail Settings page and look under the "Chat" tab. You will see the plugin version under the "Learn more" link, in small type.

Here's what's new in version 1.1.2:
  • Fixed problem where the plugin did not load properly if it encountered an error accessing Windows Firewall.
  • Fixed problem where the plugin did not load properly on some Macs running OS 10.4.
  • Fixed problem where video did not appear for users using the "dev" versions of Chrome with integrated Flash.
If you're on 1.1.2 and still having a problem, please take a look at the Google Chat Help Center, or report the issue on the Google Voice and Video Help Forum. As always, feel free to email me directly as well.

Lastly, thanks to all the users who emailed and posted about their issues with 1.1.1. Your feedback was critical in identifying the issues and determining a resolution, and we really appreciate your help.


Anonymous said...

Nice blog you got here... Just droppin' by to say hi!

buchanan said...

Any news on the Linux plugin? Last we heard anything was back in June 2009.

Torne said...

I quote Buchanan

Quintesse said...

Same here, come on guys, a bit of Linux Love :)

Mike said...

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Anonymous said...

Could you please update blog and voice chat support page with some info about Linux version?

Thanks for working on this!

Aaron said...

So....last June, there was talk of a linux-ready version. any word on how that will come about? seemed like it was just on the horizon mid-2009. Guess we misjudged how far away that horizon really was. We'd really appreciate being able to cruise the connections on google voice and video with our linux systems...

Andrew said...

+1 for a Linux update

Anonymous said...

hi, can you tell us what is wrong with Google talk and Linux?
why does the client never come to Linux, or the voice and video! i think it is more than a year as you told us, that it will come out!
you know, the client had to come out for linux too! maybe you are working on wine, as google did for picasa!!!

you know what i think sometimes, maybe some company like Google had to pay the Linux foundation for using the kernel, which they never wanna support! for me as an old Google supporter, Google is something like m$ with almost better liars!

JanS said...

Another vote for Linux here!

What is going on? Two years to develop one program for such a big company as Google is a long time. I do not believe that you have no Linux guru on board to be able to figure out even most complex problems in implementation of voice and chat for Linux.

In two years Google can write whole new operating system from scratch!

Is this lack of Linux versions of Voice chat and a crappy implementation of Picasa for Linux an indication of Google's changed approach to Linux and Linux users?

I have read many forums and people are really angry about constant delays of Linux versions of different Google software. Come on!, you do not want to loose the most conscious and educated part of a society. I don't have to remind you that a big part of developers, scientists and web administrators like and use Linux every day.

Thanks for any comment.


PS. I know it is frustrating that unhappy people write to you all the time. Thats why I would like to ask you to pass all those comments higher up? Maybe pursue someone in Google to release official Blog post about Google's approach to Linux. Thats way any angry comments will no longer land on your blog, but rather there. Thanks.

jbr said...

The Empathy IM client interoperates just fine with Google Talk voice/video.