Sunday, August 05, 2007

Random IM of the Week

In my work on AIM and Google Talk, I get a lot of random people sending me messages. Some of the IMs are funny, some are bizarre, and more than a few are social engineering attempts. But one conversation I had last week was sufficiently random to be worth sharing.
sender: sir
sender: please cancel your hamburger
sender: ive asked you twice sir
me: cancel
sender: sir
sender: dont play games with me
sender: have you cancelled your hamburger?
me: it was a cheeseburger
sender: sir that will not do
sender: cancel your hamburger now
me: can it be a double hamburger?
sender: yes sir the more the merrier
sender: sir cancel it
me: ok cancel my double hamburger then.
sender: ASAP
sender: sir i cannot cancel it for you
sender: it is YOUR hamburger
sender: you must do it
me: ok. cancelled.
sender: sir you and i both know much more effort is required a double hamburger
sender: please refrain from playing games
sender: sir
me: right. my mistake. cancelled cancelled.
sender: sir
sender: please refrain
sender: control yourself
sender: no need to yell
sender: calm down
sender: im willing to negotiate
sender: sir?
sender: sir if you do not respond your are terminated i hope you realize
sender: terminated sir
me: my hamburger will be terminated?
sender: no you sir will be terminated
sender: sir
sender: you are terminated due to lack of balls
sender has signed off.
me: but what about the hamburger?


Anonymous said...

He he ;) interesting

Anonymous said...


There are many idiots on the internet these days