Thursday, August 16, 2007

Google expanding in Kirkland

As mentioned today in the Seattle Times, Google has signed a lease to occupy a new three-building office campus in Kirkland just down the street from our current offices. At 180,000 square feet, this will provide a lot of much-needed space as we grow our staff from the current 400+ employees to the goal of "several thousand". No word yet on whether the Kirkland campus will feature a Tyrannosaurus skeleton.

Update: Another story, with pictures, in the Seattle P-I.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, although this may not be the right place, i just wanted to wish the whole Google Talk team a happy birthday!
Today it's exactly two years ago that Google Talk was officially launched to the public.
So celebrate and what about a little birthday present?

Anonymous said...

So how exactly are "several thousand" new employees going to get to and from this new office? Via 68th? Has any thought been put into how the traffic is going to be managed for this? It's not Redmond, we don't have any two-lane roads anywhere near it.

Anonymous said...

The map is wrong: there is no such place as "Feriton" as claimed by this Google Map. Try "Houghton".