Thursday, May 10, 2007

Windows Live Messenger Customer Study

From Inside Windows Live Messenger: "RESULTS: What is your favorite messenger feature?"
What is your one favorite Messenger Feature?
* IM
* Video Call
* Sharing Folders
* Voice clips
* Emoticons
* Games and Activities
* OIM - Offline IM
* Nudge
* Display Picture and Personal Status Message that follow you
* Ability to log into Messenger with any email address
At first, I was surprised by some of these features near the top of the list. Turns out though that they aren't in any particular order.


Haochi said...

The irrelevant + annoying ad is my favorite. LOL. :)-

.fosk. said...

May i take this as a tip of a being-worked new google talk feature?
I know i'm being too paranoic, but two posts in the same day makes me wonder...

Anonymous said...

The post says:

"here are the results (in no particular order)"

.fosk. said...

Yeah, i've read that: "here are the results (in no particular order)"

But i was talking about Justin's words, when he thought that they were in order and mentioned the video call...

That was all :)