Friday, May 11, 2007

NES Nostalgia

A co-worker mentioned this little gem to me this week: 100 of the top NES games, playable in your browser with no download. It's implemented as a Java applet, and the games play pretty well, with only an occasional framerate stutter.

In addition to Super Mario, there's Zelda, 1942, Double Dragon, Tecmo Super Bowl, and 95 other ways to trigger a late 80's flashback.

If you find yourself addicted, many of these games are available from the Nintendo Wii's Virtual Console.


chriskalani said...

Me and my girlfriend found that a while ago and she has been playing non stop... but then we bought a wii and now we are having more fun than ever. Bintendo is the best,

chriskalani said...

haha, bintendo... whups.

stress said...

what a grat thing!

fenistil said...

super mario ;-) - lovely !