Sunday, October 29, 2006

Google in Kirkland

Most people are surprised when I tell them that I'm working out of Google's Kirkland, WA office. Many have no idea that Google has a presence outside of California - even including many residents of Kirkland - and the rest wonder how much interesting stuff is allowed to happen away from Google HQ.

In short, there's a lot happening in the Kirkland office. With 200+ employees, the office is big enough that it's not just a satellite to Mountain View. Here are just some of the projects that are being worked on in Kirkland:
Kirkland's got a number of other things going for it as well. Recently the Chicagoist website did an interview with some engineers from Google's Chicago office (yes, there is an office there too), asking them why they chose to remain in Chicago instead of moving to California. Since I had had a similar dilemma in choosing between Kirkland and Mountain View, I read this with great interest. The responses were classic:
"It's much more livable [in Chicago]... I could sell my home right now and buy a shed in Silicon Valley. A small shed."
"I would gladly sit through six or seven months of Chicago winter to experience fall."
"I have a kid and I'd much rather raise him in Chicago. San Francisco has more pets than kids."
Substitute "Kirkland" for "Chicago", and you've captured what I was thinking at the time.


GregsBlog said...

Plus in the Mountain View campus you would have to park approximately 10 miles away if you arrive after 930AM. Though the surf is infinitely better in Cali.

Mads said...

I was very surprised when I saw a job ad from Google to work in the Aarhus office. Aarhus is the nearest large city to where I live. It's in Denmark, Scandinavia.

I didn't know that Google was present outside the US.

Unfortunately I wasn't qualified to apply.

John C said...

Just wondering how many offices does Google have?

juberti said...

Google has over 20 offices worldwide. More info here:

juberti said...

Here's a clickable link: