Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WebRTC now available in Chrome!

Been a while since my last update! After the launch of Google Hangouts, I moved over to a new team at Google, focused on building the next audio/video communications platform for Google and the web.

This team, known as WebRTC, has been hard at work building the first version of this platform and integrating it into the Chrome browser. Today marks a big milestone for our team, as the first version of Chrome with WebRTC support is now available on the Chrome dev channel, as well as in Chrome canary builds.

Check out our announcements on the Chromium blog and our own WebRTC blog, which gives instructions on how to enable WebRTC support. This is a very early release (an alpha platform on a dev version of the browser) and a number of things are not yet implemented or still in flux. But the basics are there, and you can do some really great stuff with the API even now. We'll be releasing some demos in the next few days to give a taste of what you can do with WebRTC.

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Unknown said...

So, which applications will we first see? Ports of GVV andHangouts or something new? Cheers.