Thursday, September 09, 2010

CNET TV: Google Voice vs. Skype Prizefight

For some reason, they don't even mention Google video chat, but I'm still happy with the result :-)


GĂ©rard Kieffer said...

i like both of them, they are amazing voip services. but for the moment Google Voice is US only and Skype can be used all over the world. the video says that Skype needs an app and Google Voice doesn't but many people will prefer to use an application an don't want to have that clumbsy browser window open all the time. for me, living in Europe, Skype is currently the best solution. I also really like the fact that they have a decentralized network. I really look forward to testing Google Voice as soon as it will become available in Europe.

Roger Grand said...

Google Voice Vs. Skype? I would vote for Skype b/c of its superior voice quality. Additionally, you may even try using RHUB`s web conferencing servers for conducting online meetings. It works well.