Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pidgin Adds Support for Google Voice and Video Chat

Slashdot | Pidgin Adds Google Talk Voice and Video Support

Just read that Pidgin 2.6.1 (on Linux) supports interoperability with Google video chat. Haven't had a chance to try it myself yet, but we'll be checking it out this week. Nice job Pidgin team!


JuanFra684 said...

Please write a post with the result. I tried this feature and fail for me :( (gmail plugin in macos/pidgin in fedora11)

Nokiac said...

I did try it in fedora 11. Incoming video calls from a Mac made pidgin crash while calling a mac from Pidgin worked out perfect for me. Also for audio calls, when calling from a mac(browser)/Gtalk in windows to pidgin, the mac/Gtalk side keeps ringing even as I press the accept button and then after a while I get option to upload error log to Google in the mac. Audio calling from Pidgin to Mac / or Gtalk Application in windows works fine.