Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Google NYC

Just got back from 3 weeks on the East Coast. After 8 months in Seattle, I had completely forgotten what hot & humid feels like! (For those unfamiliar with East Coast summers: like walking through a warm marshmallow.)

I spent a week of that time at the Google office in New York City. It's an incredible facility - the building takes up an entire Manhattan city block, and the view from the cafeteria on the 8th floor is truly remarkable.

The culture is definitely different than either the Kirkland or Mountain View offices - still Googley, but with much more of an urban feel. If this sounds interesting to you, you can find out more about Google NYC here.
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mikelowden said...

Hi, just a quick note, the small Picasa image at the bottom of all blogs posted using Picasa links to a an error 404 page. this has done for quite some time dispite many attempts at contacting google.

if you could get someone to lok into it that would be ace

many thanks

juberti said...

Hi, I just tried clicking on it and it took me to http://picasa.google.com/blogger/ successfully.

Alex Chitu said...

The link probably only works in the US (here's the Google cache). It's hard to understand why.