Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Embedding the Google Talk Gadget

As an embeddable module, the Google Talk Gadget can be put in a number of interesting places. It works great in the Google Personalized Homepage, but here are a few other places where it can be handy:
  • Bookmarklet: Drag Google Talk to your Bookmarks Bar for 1-click access to a floating version of Google Talk.
  • Firefox Sidebar: go to http://talkgadget.google.com/talkgadget/client, bookmark it, and check the "Load this bookmark in the Sidebar" checkbox in the dialog that pops up:
    Hit OK, click the bookmark, and it will open in Firefox's sidebar panel.

  • Netvibes: Check it out in your Netvibes Homepage.


Anonymous said...

Alright, both the bookmarklet and sidebar thingy are awesome. I have wanted a floating web version of the IM client since you (Google) came out with the version in gmail. I feel special now, as if you (google) listened to my suggestion. Now, I am not naive enough to think I was the only one who thought of that, but this still rules!!

Thanks and tell everyone who worked or works on this thank you.

Anonymous said...

This is pretty stellar. Some questions though.

1) Can I send args from the browser window to the Flash applet?

2) If I know the user's username & password can I auto log them in?

3) If false to #2 - Does it work with Google's AuthSub authentication token scheme?

4) When is GTalk going to get it's own API? I'd love to have a REST or SOAP service I can send messages (in the loosest form) to and send IM's, get stati, send files, etc.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your findings, I used it to make a firefox gtalk sidebar extension.

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to hide offline contacts that you know off?

Billy Vable said...

Slightly off topic, GTalk is blocked at work so I looked for some other web-based GTalk compatibles. Most of the common ones are blocked, does anyone know of some more obscure ones?

Anonymous said...

hi billy,

u can giva try on dis



Anonymous said...

sorry its www.verticalimits.uni.cc

Unknown said...

I have tried everything ..I cud not open Gtalk..Could you please suggest something which works under firewalls..I have been searching ..but no luck so far...