Monday, August 16, 2010

Google voice and video enterprise firewall configuration

If you're a network administrator trying to control access to Google voice and video chat, take a look at our help document on this topic, specifically this line:
Allow your XMPP clients to connect to all IP addresses resolved on DNS name, UDP port 19295 and 19302, or TCP port 19294.
This rule allows your internal users to contact our STUN and relay servers over UDP and TCP. In the event that policy does not allow receipt of UDP from the Internet, just allowing access to TCP port 19294 will allow users to still contact the relays via TCP, although performance may suffer in congestion situations. Lastly, if policy does not permit access to TCP port 19294, port 443 may be used instead.

Note that the info for is updated regularly as we add/turn down datacenters, so it's a good idea to check regularly for changes.


Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm currently trying to make this chat working in my network (Checkpoint Firewalls R71 and R71.40). But I encounter some problems:

- I can hear and see the other people
- They can't hear or see me

It's seems very strange for me (I expected problems in the other communication direction, not this one).

If you could help.

FHS said...

The link to "Help Document" ( in the first paragraph is broken.

Any way you could update the link?